Donations heading straight to Ukraine…

We have had an urgent request for the following supplies which will go straight to Ukraine:

+ Hygiene packs – shower gel, shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, moisturiser, flannels.

+ Sanitary pads / tampons.

+ Baby clothes age 0-2 only.

+ Nappies of all sizes.

+ Small children’s toys (eg. colouring books, crayons, doll, cars)

+ Underwear for all ages and genders.

+ Tinned fruit, meat and veg plus rice, pasta and cereal (best before date must be at least a year away)

If anyone can help, you can drop them off here at the Rainbow Centre 9am-2pm Monday to Friday. Please don’t drop off anything other than the items requested and please make sure all items are brand new. We will add any further requests to our Facebook page so please keep an eye out. Thank you.

Donations heading straight to Ukraine…
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